20 October 2007


International Film and Music Festival

25 April - 3 May, 2008
Main Location: Győr-Pécs (Hungary)

Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland

Entry Deadline - 10 January, 2008

MEDIAWAVE is a competitive forum that takes place in Hungary between 25 April – 3 May, 2008. The deadline for entries is 10 January, 2008. /However if it's possible please compete the entry form and send the preview tape immediately./

The Festival will present films that are ousted from traditional distribution venues and can rarely be seen in movie theaters. The program includes photographic exhibitions; contemporary, improvised, alternative and folk music concerts; as well as theater, performance and dance works.

If it is possible please help us to spread the news of MEDIAWAVE in your country. Also we would appreciate to receive addresses, contact numbers of those papers, Tvs, radios related to visual art.

If you are interested and need more information about the festival (history, categories, regulations) please visit our website: More about the Festival. (www.mediawave.hu)

For Entry Forms click below: