14 June 2007

eDward - The Young Filmmaker's Award

eDward - The Young Filmmaker's Award is the international Film-Competition for young talents up to 30 and is announced by eDIT 10. Filmmaker's Festival. Prove your talent and creativity with a 30-second-film and win prizes up to 2.500 Euro. The Competition is open to young filmmakers up to 30. They must have been born on or after 1.1.1977. Students, agency juniors and free film-creative especially are called worldwide to take part individually or in teams.
The topic of the competition
eDward is accomplished in one category:
Love. New love. The love of one's life. True love. Unfulfilled love. Unrequited love. Platonic love. Love for sale. Authentic love. The only love. Lovesickness. The love of God. Our love. My love ...Without doubt, love has many facets. What's loveable to me might be repellant to you. And yet the need to share our experience of love is huge. Almost every film needs a love story, libraries are full of books about love, and love has inspired the seven arts more than almost any other subject.Quite apart from the everyday interchange between men and women, women and women or men and men, our prime and omnipresent concern is love. It can be considered and reconsidered from an almost infinite number of perspectives. New ideas and observations are always welcome in fathoming the mystery of love.And for all eDward filmmakers, this is YOUR chance to get to the heart of what you always wanted to say on the subject. An almost unlimited number of viewers is avidly waiting to see and hear it!
Submissions will be judged according to the following main criteria:- thematic relevance of content;- visionary perspective;- original nature of idea;- visual language/optical representation- execution (camera, effects, editing, sound, image processing)

The task: 30 - Seconds film
Participants must send in a film of up to max. 30 seconds. This common time format for commercials will prove who is able to get to the heart of their vision and translate it into images. The form of the entry (feature, animation, hybrid form etc.) is free.The choice of format is also free, but the master must be available on MiniDV, Beta SP or digibeta (PAL).
The Prizes
The winners win up to € 2.500 in cash and other valuable prices. The first winner also wins the unique eDward-cup. Further material prizes will be given. The winners will be invited to eDIT 10. Filmmaker's Festival 29 September - 02 October 2007 in Frankfurt, where the award ceremony will be celebrated.

The jury
The competition entries will be judged by an international jury.

Deadline for entries
Deadline for entries is Tuesday, 21 August 2007.

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