13 January 2007

Workshop lloopp

Com: Arnold Haberl (noid), Klaus Filip e
Jonathan Saldanha, Maria Mire, Maria Jorge Martins

Workshop em MaxMSP/Jitter, um ambiente de programação especializado no tratamento de medias digitais (áudio, vídeo, sensores, etc.) regularmente utilizado em instalações e performances.

Workshop realizado no Ar.Co e no Atelier RE.AL em Novembro de 2006.

About lloopp:is a collection of max/msp/jitter-patches that are all linkable in parameters and signal/audio streams. it is used by several artists as their live-performance-software and written by different people, who all wanted to have a handy tool… it is still mac-only, a windowsXP port will be ready in spring 2005.
lloopp histotically started a few years ago as a sample-loop-player using vst-plugins optionally, but developed in the meanwhile to dealing with granulars, simple spatialization, some synthezising, realtime-sampling, etc, etc. one of the strengt of that software is the modular approach, so that individual instruments can be built, while all settings are storeable. above that all, lloopp provides the possibility to run together and comunicate with any “private” max-patches. yes, freeware.
authors of lloopp so far are:
klaus filip, oliver stotz, boris hauf, gilles aubry, david michael, noid, bill d, luc gross.